Jack-o’-lanterns, trick-or-treaters, haunted houses and costume parties - Halloween is full of fun things for you and your family to enjoy - but it’s one of those holidays that is enjoyed more by people than by pets. To ensure a fun evening for everyone we ask - what's your pup's party personality?

Got a protective pup?. You may know that the miniature monsters and goblins who come knocking on Halloween aren’t real, but pets don’t. Dogs and cats are creatures of habit and could become frightened or agitated by the unaccustomed sights and sounds of costumed visitors. If you plan to bring your dog along, make sure you have a sturdy collar or harness that will make them feel secure.

Is your pup a party animal? Take them along for the ride! Kick it up a notch and grab them a festive collar or costume. But keep the candy away. All those sweets may taste great to critters, but candy, especially chocolate, can be toxic to pets. Candy wrappers can also be harmful if swallowed. Instead, tempt your pet with a few of his favorite treats.

Shy guy - or gal? Keep your pet in a quiet place, away from trick-or-treaters and other Halloween activities. Give them the night off in a quiet room with a cozy bed, yummy treat and a toy to keep them busy.

Bonus tips: Keep decorations that pets could chew on like streamers, fake spider webs and wires or cords from electric decorations out of reach. If pets chomp on Halloween decorations they could choke or become ill and, if they chew on electrical cords, they risk a potential deadly electrical shock. Pets could also become tangled and injured by dangling cords or decorations. 

Frequently opened doors provide a perfect opportunity for escape, which can go unnoticed during all the commotion. Be sure all pets are wearing collars and ID tags in case of an accidental getaway.