Obesity is the most common nutrition-related health condition in pets today. A pet becomes overweight when it regularly consumes more calories than it burns off. This is caused from a number of things i.e. lack of exercise, free-feeding, treats in excess, and fulfilling the“beggars” need during dinner time, or any time for that matter. As always, we recommend having a Veterinarian review your pet for any medical causes of the symptoms or any additional concerns that may be affecting your pets well-being. Obesity can lead to many additional health risks that will ultimately result in a shorter lifespan and less energy and ability to combat the increasing symptoms as a result. It is much easier to prevent these increased concerns by keeping your pet on a measured amount of food rather than “free feeding” as well as ensuring regular exercise. Exercise will not only decrease the chances of obesity related concerns, but also increase alertness and ability to better adapt to the stresses of everyday life.


Common Symptoms:

Besides the obvious signs of obesity (extreme weight gain and lack of defined musculature and body profile), pets suffering from obesity can develop difficulty
breathing, joint stiffness and pain, difficulty seeing, and ultimately have a shorter lifespan due to multiple complications. Symptoms may begin to add up over time, so it is important to address the issue of an overweight pet before obesity fully sets in.


Next Steps:

  • Feed an Ultra Premium Food: Muttropolis only carries foods considered ultra-premium. Ultra premium Foods are distinct mainly by the high standards placed on their ingredients. All ultra premium foods are made from 100% Human Grade ingredients and contain absolutely no “Bi-products” or fillers that are often high in carbohydrates and fat. “Bi-products” is a loose label that can include many undesirable meat sources that can change between bags of the same type of food. Also, Ultra Premium Foods avoid fillers
    that have no nutritional value and are often high in fat and carbohydrates. Please ask a Muttropolis associate for more information on the importance of Ultra Premium Foods.
  • Avoid “Free Feeding”: Providing your pets with two measured meals a day of an Ultra Premium Food will guarantee that your pet is not overeating and only consuming the amount of food to sustain their energy throughout the day. Ultra Premium Foods are packed with the necessary balanced nutrition, so ultimately you will feed less food, reducing waste and the consumption of empty calories. Also, feeding measured meals will alert you to any changes in appetite that could be a sign of other health concerns. Reduce the feeding amount gradually between 2-4 months to ease the pet into the new feeding patterns.
  • Provide regular exercise: As a pet owner, it becomes your responsibility to provide adequate and regular exercise. It’s important to vary the form of exercise between play and walks to ensure your pet remains mentally stimulated and alert.
  • Avoid over treating: Giving excessive treats will reduce your pets desire to eat regular balanced meals. Using treats in training and to encourage positive behaviors is important. Excessive treating can lead to undesired behaviors such as begging.


Additional Note: We always recommend speaking to a qualified Veterinarian to ensure there are no other underlying causes or issues which may need more immediate medical care.