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New Puppy Tips

New Puppy Tips

Special Puppy Needs:

  • Ultra Premium Foods with 100% human grade ingredients and the highest attention to a balanced and healthy diet.
  • Higher levels of nutrients: protein, vitamins, minerals, fats, and other essentials for growth Structured schedule to increase learning and integration into your lifestyle.
  • Clear expectations for house breaking, play, leash training, socializing, and other important behaviors in a well rounded dog.


Things to Consider:

Crate Training: Dogs are den animals and are easily crate trained as a method of preventing repeated housebreaking accidents, excessive chewing, unwanted destruction, and separation anxiety. Crates are intended solely as a positive tool not meant for time outs or punishment. 

Canned Foods: Ultra Premium canned foods added to a kibble diet are an excellent source of the additional moisture rich nutrients. Mixing these with a tablespoon of warm water and kibble will encourage eating and soften the kibble while the puppy is teething.

Tough Toys: Puppies are chewers, and the best way to prevent unwanted chewing of prized pumps or beloved remote controls is to provide suitable toys and chew treats to encourage appropriate play and aid in teething and the natural urge. These toys should also be used to replace hands, fingers, and toes. It may be adorable at the puppy stage, but as the dog grows into adulthood it is imperative that it is taught that hands and toes are not chew toys as this can lead to unwanted mouthiness and a lack of bite inhibition. This is especially important if the puppy is being raised in a home with children, or will be in very social situations.


For more information on pet food, see our article on common pet food ingredients and their benefits.