New Kitten Tips

Special Kitten Needs:

  • Ultra Premium foods with higher levels of essential protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals while avoiding non-nutritional and harmful “by-products” and fillers.
  • Non-grain based foods as cats are carnivores and naturally require the highest level of protein.
  • Plenty of fresh water is essential as cats will generally not drink from stale water sources.
  • Measured feedings left throughout the day supplemented with canned varieties to increase the moisture in their diet. Discard stale leftovers to ensure eating.
  • Easy access to a clean and maintained litter pan.
  • Regular play encouraging toys and scratching pads, trees or posts. Avoid playing with hands or feet in order to discourage unwanted biting in adult cats.
  • Regular brushing to reduce the build-up of hairballs or excessive shedding.


Things to Consider:

  • Scratching surfaces that are appropriate as an alternative to furniture, carpets, and other valued surfaces.
  • Drinking fountains that provide fresh moving water to encourage regular drinking.
  • Climbing towers, scratching pads, posts and other interactive toys to ensure kittens have regular exercise, reducing the chance of the development of destructive behaviors.
  • Wand toys, ball toys and small plush toys that will encourage play