Los Perros Dog Collection

Evoking the style and colors of our neighbors to the South. Viva Mexico!

Food tastes better in our beautiful Mexican Ceramic Dog Bowl  painted in traditional blue and white design.  Don’t forget the matching treat jar!

Jose Pero Extra Tough Dog Toy

Cool down with these fun drink toys. Jose Pero Extra Tough Dog Toy, Grrona Beer Dog Toy or Top Chiwawa Water Dog Toy.

Frida Denim Dog Jacket

Viva la denim! Who doesn’t love a good denim jacket, especially embellished with color and flair? Frida Denim Jacket and Lucha Libre Denim Dog Vest.

Serape Dog Collar and Leash

Classic Serape makes a colorful statement for Fido. Serape Poncho and Serape Collar  and Leash.

Serape Dog Harness

Cactus Bandana, Los Perros Tee and Frida Denim Jacket.

Mexican Dog Toys

Muchas toys pretty please!  Llama toy, and Cactus toys  

Be fiesta-ready in festive neckwear. Cactus Dog Bow Tie and  Serape Collar.

It’s easy to chill out in our Sedona Lounge Dog Bed.