Kitty Health From Head To Paw


Cat got your wallet? The solution to saving money at the vet may be found in getting your feline regularly groomed, which prevents many serious problems from arising down the road. This is especially true for long hair cat owners. Five benefits of regularly grooming your feline:

  • Odor out: With their long hair, cats can get feces, as well or other unwanted items trapped in their fur; however, without regular grooming, it may be hard to see what is caught deep in their fur. Not only is this uncomfortable for the cat, but it is also very unhealthy.
  • Reduce shedding: With long-haired kitties, regular grooming sessions are advised, in order to keep the loose fur off you’re your carpet, furniture, and clothes. During the hotter months, it is highly recommended to bring your cat in to the groomer to get trimmed or shaved. This not only prevents extra shedding or hairballs from occurring, but it cools down your cat’s body temperature.
  • Less hairballs: Long-hair felines and hairballs usually go hand-in-hand, which can be very serious. If hairballs get lodged in the cat’s digestive tract and blocks the cat’s intestines, this can lead to more complications, or even death. Sometimes hairballs need to be surgically removed, which can lead to expensive vet bills.
  • Eliminate allergies: Not only do humans suffer from pet-related allergies, but cats too have been shown to suffer from allergies. Studies show that well-groomed cats decrease allergies for you and your kitty.
  • Save money: Grooming aids in preventive care when it comes to your cat’s health, so that you don’t wind up spending your time at the vet. Although some veterinarian visits are necessary for normal check-ups, they can be quite expensive, especially if your cats’ health is in jeopardy due to skin problems, parasites, or internal infestations—all which can be addressed with proper grooming.


Grooming sessions are an optimal time to check for:

  • Cuts, tumors, sores, lumps or bruises
  • Fleas or skin allergies
  • Quick examination of cat’s eyes, ears, teeth, and nails
  • Hands on grooming stimulates the blood circulation and the release of more body oils that benefit the cat’s coat


Mental or emotional benefits of grooming:

  • The more your kitty gets groomed, the more likely they will begin to enjoy the process—and actually look forward to it!
  • Decreases stress levels
  • Grooming also benefits your kitty in other social situations, where they may become more outgoing and friendly—this is especially helpful at the vet!