Get the skinny on Ultra Premium Food


Try Ultra Premium Pet Foods at Muttropolis
Choosing a food for your pet can be overwhelming!  There are so many choices and promises out there it’s difficult to know what your dog or cat should be eating.  Muttropolis has taken out the guesswork by providing you with only the healthiest foods that contain all the nutrients needed for a complete diet. 
What should you look for in a pet food?
Protein: the most important part of a nutritional diet for your pet is animal protein.  Make sure the first ingredient is a meat source you recognize (chicken, venison, duck, fish, etc.)
Fruits and Veggies: these provide the best and healthiest carbohydrates your dog or cat need so look for an ingredient list with fresh fruits and vegetables.
Natural Vitamins and Minerals: naturally occurring minerals, vitamins and antioxidants will minimize the need for additional supplements.
Fillers: avoid foods where the main ingredient is a filler such as grain.
What are some benefits of grain free food?

  • Grain is commonly used as “filler” in many dog and cat foods however a pet’s natural digestive system has a hard time breaking down the elements found in grain so it passes through their system without providing any health benefits.
  • Less ”fillers” means less waste.  When all the ingredients are used in digestion, less waste is produced which is great for both of you!
  • Avoid allergies. Talk to your vet and you may be surprised to find your dog’s allergies can be addressed just by changing their diet.


    Top reasons to choose a premium food:

    • Quality Ingredients: Contains all human-grade ingredients and no by-products, rendering animal fats or other non-nutrient substances used to preserve lower grade commercial foods.  Contains essential proteins, fruits, vegetables, vitamins, minerals and supplements for continued health and wellness. Higher protein contents replace fillers and preservatives.

    • Reduce allergies: Allergy formulas designed with novel proteins and healthy carbohydrates provide an alternative to costly medications, prescription foods and topical treatments.

    • Improved health: Increases alertness, improves skin and coat, aids in digestion, and may even improve your pet’s overall ability to cope with stress and everyday activities.

    • Appropriate for all life stages: Ultra premium foods can be used for dogs of all ages, even puppies. The serving sizes vary depending on age and weight so be sure to read the instructions on the bag.


    How do I transition to a premium food?

    1. Slowly begin adding the new food to what you’re currently using, increasing the amount over a few weeks.  Don’t rush it and keep an eye out for any digestive upset which is a sign to slow down but not necessarily that the new food is a problem.

    2. Once in the grain-free family, it should be easy to transition across brands until you find your pet’s favorite. Switching flavors frequently can combat boredom and finicky eaters.

    3. What works for one dog, may not be the best for the next, so don’t be discouraged if the first one isn’t a winner!  You can always start out with a trial size if you have a picky eater!

    Now that you’re educated it’s time to choose!  Each brand is a little different but all are tried and trusted by Muttropolis.