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4 Holiday Safety Tips for Pets | Muttropolis

Keep Your Pet Safe This Holiday Season

We love getting into the holiday spirit with our pets. Whether it's an adorably festive dog collar or a fun Holiday toy, it's fun to include every member of the family. But the festivities also bring lots of potentially unsafe conditions for pets so it's important to keep these 4 holiday safety tips in mind:

Keep your decorations pet friendly.. Keep special ornaments at the top of your tree when decorating in case your cat or dog is curious. Most importantly, keep your pets away from electrical cords. Playing or chewing these cords could cause injury or even electrocution. Hiding cords in a PVC pipe is a great way to keep them safe from your pup.

Don't let Bowser near the holiday plants! Poinsettias, Mistletoe, and Holly are all poisonous if your pup accidentally eats any of these plants, there's a chance they'll experience vomiting, diarrhea or other serious health problems.. Keep these plants off the floor or out of reach from your pets and stock up on some holiday dog treats.

Keep your pup warm! The holidays are a chilly time of year and even though dogs will naturally grow thicker fur, the weather can pose a serious risk for pups of all sizes. Keep walks short when the temperatures dip below freezing and consider a winter sweater or coat. If you are expecting snow, make sure to use pet-friendly de-icing materials or sand and salt as common deicers are dangerous for pets to digest and not good for the environment. Dog booties are a great way to keep their paws clean of potentially hazardous materials and prevent them from collecting snow and ice between their toes.

Keep pets away from holiday leftovers It's tempting to share the delicious holiday ham with your pup but there's a chance they could get sick or even choke. Spoil them with a new toy or treat instead!

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