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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Do you have any dog toys that last a long time?

Although no toy is completely indestructible, we do have some toys that can somewhat stand up to the challenge of the aggressive chewer. Tough toys are pretty entertaining because not only are they strong, but some may be either filled with squeakers or have outlets for treats, allowing there to be a special surprise at the end!

  • What chewy dog treats are long lasting?

Chews are generally the longest-lasting treat that we offer. Chew flavors range from bully sticks to deer shanks to elk antlers and shapes range from springs to braided to rings, so there's something for every pup! An added bonus? They keep your pup's teeth clean!

  • Do you have a harness for dogs that pull?

The best harness for minimizing or eliminating pulling is our Freedom Training Dog Harness. There are two rings (one in the front, one in the back) to hook your leash, depending on where your dog pulls. This harness has also been found to assist dogs with arthritis or amputations.

  • What size dog bed is good for my dog?

We recommend you measure your dog as well as the space you would like to put the bed in your home to ensure a good fit. We have found that many large dogs like a pillow bed so they can sprawl and many small dogs like a bolstered bed to cuddle. Check out more tips on our blog.

  • Why is grain-free dog food important?

Grains are a common allergy in pups and can cause uncomfortableness like itchiness, which is no fun for a pup. Grains also take longer to break down in a dog's stomach, causing digestive trouble. Because of this, we recommend giving your pup a grain-free diet, which is sure to make a positive impact on any pup's health. Need help looking for grain-free options? We carry quite a few grain-free treats, like our locally-made Mutt Munchers, and food from trusted brands like The Honest Kitchen and Acana.

  • Should I buy dog treats made in China?

Treats made in China have caused quite a stir in the last few years, with some pups even dying after ingesting them. Scientists are still trying to figure out why these treats are effecting pups like that, but because of this, we pulled all of our ÒMade in ChinaÓ treats off the shelves immediately after learning of the news. USA-made treats are just as tasty (if not better!) and are guaranteed to be a safer choice.

  • How do I know what size my dog is in apparel? Xan I return dog clothes if they don't fit?

Every designer's sizing varies, which is why we have a size guide in every item description. To give you more help on measuring your dog, weÕve also provided measuring guidelines to give you a little extra help. If you have any questions on sizing, please give us a call at 888-688-8799 and we'll happily assist you!

If the item you've purchased is too big or too small for your pet, you are more than welcome to return or exchange the item either in-store or online. If you are returning the item within 30 days of purchase, you may receive a refund. If you are returning the item between 30 and 60 days of purchase, you will receive store credit. For more information on our store policy visit our returns page.

  • Do you have any little dog collars?

We do carry collars for those small pups! We have a special Teacup Collar section dedicated to those precious bundles of joy

  • What size collar/buddy belt/harness is my dog?

Sizing is different for every collar and harness we carry, which is why we have the sizing for each product in their description. Click here for tips on choosing a harness. If you have any questions regarding sizing, give us a call at 888-688-8799.