Box of Chocolates Burrow Dog Toy

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Happiness Guarantee

Sweeten your soulmates playtime by giving them the Box of Chocolates Burrow Dog Toy, the perfect gift for your furry Valentine! Your cute little heartbreaker will dig the canine-friendly chocolate truffle treats! This sweet toy not only keeps pets occupied and helps eliminate boredom, it also develops a dog’s puzzle-solving skills. Insert the chocolates into their gift-wrapped box for your dog to remove over and over again. For even more fun and an extra challenge, insert some of your pup's favorite treats along with the truffles inside the mailbox. Once your playful pup has plucked all the candies from their hiding place, they’ll be begging you to put them back in again and again for hours of fun! It’s the perfect interactive toy for keeping your dog busily engaged in hide-and-seek play! The three chocolate truffles even have squeakers inside for added entertainment.  Please supervise your pet during playtime. While these toys are made for some serious fun, they are still a plush toy and therefore not indestructible - no plush toy can be. 

6 in. x 6 in. x 4.5 in.