Pandaloon Penguin Dog Costume

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Happiness Guarantee

This adorable Pandaloon Penguin Dog Costume will have everyone doing a double it a pup or a penguin? This full length hilarious hoodie costume is made with soft plush fabric and features reinforced feet as well as Velcro and drawstrings to give your dog the perfect fit. Your pup will be able to walk around in this costume with ease and have everyone laughing. The model Huxley, a 4.5 lb. Pomeranian that measures 13 inches tall, is wearing a size 1. These costumes are designed in San Diego and were featured on the TV show Shark Tank.


  • Measure height from front paws to top of head. For dogs with longer necks, measure along neck to allow for more fabric.
  • Paws may show slightly, depending on your dog's posture. This costume's arms will fit like a hoodie from legs to top of head.


Height 14-15 inches (TOP of head, not shoulder)
Legs 4.5+ inches from paw to armpit
Girth is adjustable up to approx. 16 inches.
For very small dogs, light build (ie: Pomeranian, Shih Tzu, small Terriers with legs longer than 4.5 inches. Typically, too long for very tiny dogs such as Dachshunds or teacup sized dogs).


Height 17-20 inches (TOP of head, not shoulder)
Legs 6+ inches from paw to armpit
Girth is adjustable up to approx. 22 inches
For small-medium dogs, wider build ok (ie: Corgis, Frenchies, Pugs, Westies)


*Each dog is unique, please measure your dog to find the correct size and ensure a proper fit. We suggest rounding up to the next size if your measurement is near or over the maximum range, if your pup has a broad chest or thick coat or if you are in between sizes. If your pup usually wears size Small, this does not mean all size Smalls will fit the same as designers use their own sizing.