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From city slickers to country herders, we’ve got dog collars perfectly suited for your pup.  Choose from our unique selection including gorgeous rhinestone and leather, nylon, linen or training collars. Pick up a matching leash or harness and save 10% using code WALK10 at checkout.


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Choosing the right dog collar is a big decision when shopping for your dog. Nylon collars are a great choice for active dogs because they are easy to clean and easily adjustable. A classic leather collar is a long-lasting option that will soften with wear and keep looking good for years to come. Whether you’re looking for leather collars or unique big dog collars, we’ve got it all! Our collection includes rhinestones, functional nylon designer dog collars and leather collars so you and your dog can stroll in style. And don’t just settle for plain old dog collars – we have charms + accessories to make your dogs’ collars uniquely theirs. Don't forget the matching leash!