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Wag Worthy Ways to Show Your Dog Love!

Ways to show your dog love

Life can get hectic sometimes, and it's easy to (accidentally) not give your furry friend all the love, time and attention that they deserve. Don't worry - there are many ways to remind your dog that you love them and are there for them! These are a few of our favorites ways to show your dog love!

1. Include your dog in activities. Eat at dog friendly restaurants, take them on errands with you, or let them sit by you when you read or watch TV. Plus, if you exercise, you can bring your dog on runs or walks for some company! Incorporating your dog in your daily routine in whatever ways possible will make them feel loved.

2. Treat your dog to a pampering session. Dogs love to be pet and brushed. A quick brush out for you dog will leave them tangle-free, soft, smooth and relaxed. Other dogs love baths, so you take some time to scrub your pup clean using shampoo, conditioner, and face wash. You can even dress them up in a bathrobe to leave them feeling like the royalty they are!

3. Take your dog out for walks. If you have time to take your dog for a walk, even just a quick one, that will be great for them! Dogs love the fresh air, exploring new sights and smells, and stretching their legs. Check out these leashes, collars, and harnesses to make sure your dog is the coolest in the neighborhood! Of course, you can take your dog on hikes and other outdoor expeditions, just make sure they are well hydrated!

4. Spoil your pup with treats. Have you ever met a dog who doesn’t love treats? Us either. Try rewarding some good behavior or training with a tasty treat, or give them a treat just because they are the greatest! Make sure that your treats are high quality, so that your pup can get some nutrition while feeling loved. Check out the Treat of the Month for our favorite treat!

5. Take time out of your day to dedicate to play time. All dogs need play time, and it’s actually an important way (besides walks) to keep your dog active. You can play fetch, Frisbee, or chase them around the yard! Your dog will love to play with all different types of toys! There are hard toys and soft toys that you can pick from based on your pet’s preference! You can also use puzzle toys to keep them entertained throughout the day. Plus, some toys even help to clean your dog’s teeth!

6. Talk to your dog. Dogs can hear us talk to them in our “puppy talk” high-pitched voices. This noise lets them know that we are communicating to them. Use hand gestures, a special tone, and talk slowly to your dog!

7. Give your dog love and cuddles. If your dog loves hugs and cuddles, try to squeeze (no pun intended) them in whenever you can! Your pet will appreciate it! :)

  • Mutt Staff

7 Tips for Dining Out with Your Dog | Muttropolis

Our four-legged babies are important members of our families, so they should be able to do everything with us - right?! Luckily, there are some spots that are dog-friendly, including certain restaurants. If you decide to dine out with your dog, it's important to use proper etiquette to make the experience enjoyable for all. We have 7 tried and true tips for dining out with your dog!

1. Check the dog policy. Always make sure ahead of time that the restaurant or other establishment allows dogs. If you don't check, it can put you and the people working at the restaurant in an uncomfortable position.

2. Stay leashed. Often dogs get so excited by new sights and smells that they momentarily lose all of their manners. It's best to keep them on a leash so they don't accidentally create a commotion inside the restaurant. A leash also keeps them by your table so they don't get in the way of the wait staff or any other restaurant-goers.

3. Keep calm. Make sure your dog is well-behaved. Don't let your dog visit others unless you have their permission!

4. BYODB (Bring Your Own Dog Bowl!). Some restaurant rules don't allow dogs to eat out of their dishes or cutlery, so we recommend bringing a dog bowl from home. This way, they can share the eating experience with their humans which keeps everyone happy (and full!).

5. Say no to begging. Not all patrons will be amused with your pooch's attempt to snag some extra food. To be courteous, put those puppy eyes away!

6. Play with your dog beforehand. This way, you can expend some of your dog's energy and they will be more relaxed during your meal.

7. Go to the bathroom beforehand. This might seem like an afterthought, but it's important that your dog doesn't have to do their business in the middle of the restaurant while people are eating!


With these 7 tips for dining out with your dog, we hope you enjoy a family meal with your pup in the near future.

  • Kimberly Topuzes

Dog Beach Etiquette

It's always fun taking your dog to dog beach! Lucky for us, San Diego has several beaches that welcome furry friends. Check out our tips to ensure success at any dog beach! As always, make sure to check the beach's regulations before bringing your pup, as some beaches have certain times and dates reserved for dogs.

1. Be considerate of beachgoers. Dogs on the beach are a great privilege, but failing to follow the rules might take away the whole experience. Don't let your pup visit others without getting their permission first!

2. Always bring a leash. Even if a leash isn't required on the beach, make sure to always bring one. Keeping your dog calm and controlled on the beach is very important!

3. Keep your dog safe. Make sure that your dog is comfortable at the beach. If your dog doesn't like being in the water, don't bring them into the ocean. If your dog loves the water and is a swimmer, always keep an eye on them to ensure that the waves are not too big. A Float Coat may be a good accessory for a water-loving pup, as it's a dog version of a life jacket.

4. Bring water for your dog. Sometimes your pup might want to take a sip of water from the ocean, but the salt water in the ocean can cause vomiting and diarrhea. Solve the water-drinking problem by bringing your own water to the beach! Water bottles like the H204K9 Travel Water Bottle is designed to fit a dog's natural drinking style!

5. Walk your dog before going to the beach. There are lots of cool sights and smells at the beach, so it's important that your pup has been walked already and is a bit calmed down before their beach adventure.

6. Bring poop bags. This is pretty self-explanatory! Always bring poop bags, as it's completely unsanitary to leave your dog's business at the beach.

7. Always bring toys. If your dog loves to fetch and play around, the beach is a perfect play to bring toys! There are tons of toys that are great for beach play, including the Hurley toy - it's durable AND can float in the water!

8. Make sure your dog is well behaved. If your dog won't listen to you, we recommend you wait until they are fully trained to bring them to the beach, as there are many distractions at the beach!

9. Protect your pup's paws from the hot sand. Dog's paws are more sensitive than ours - if the sand is too hot for your feet, then it's definitely to hot for your dog's! Help protect your dog's paws with socks or shoes like the Summit Trex Boots so they can run around the beach care-free!

10. Stay safe and have fun!  

Get Dog Beach Ready

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  • Christine Castellani

Keep Cool!

Temperatures seem to be more extreme these days and dogs feel the heat. Whether playing at the beach or running around the yard, keeping Fido cool is critical! Our Cool Off Shop is just the place to find everything you need for summer and beyond!

An easy way to keep your dog cool is with a cooling collar, bandana or vest. These things will keep your pup's core body temperature down so that they can enjoy the warm to hot weather without overheating!

Does your dog love to play but get exhausted after a few minutes in the heat? If so, a freezable toy may be what you need! The Cool Dog Rocket Pop Toy is simple to use - just fill it with water or broth and freeze! When your pup chews the toy, the liquid will flow from the holes and gives them a refreshing drink during playtime.

At home, there are plenty of ways to keep your pup cool. The Pressure Activated Cool Pet Pad is an ideal solution to summer heat and it's easy to use! The pad is activated as soon as your four-legged lays down and stays cool for 3-4 hours. An added bonus? It recharges automatically - no need to plug it in or throw it in the fridge!

Your dog's water gets warmer faster in the summer...yuck! Solve this water problem with a Cooling Pet Bowl - freeze the insert overnight and it'll keep your water cool and refreshing for hours!

Speaking of water, hydration on the go is also something to think about, especially in the summer when dogs need to drink all the water they can get. The AutoDogMug Travel Water Bottle is the perfect solution to hold water while traveling. Simply squeeze the bottle and water fills the bowl on top - easy and convenient!

These are just a few essentials we recommend to keep your dog cool during the hot months - check out more in our Cool Off Shop. Stay cool!


Cooling Essentials

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  • Christine Castellani