Wag Worthy Ways to Show Your Dog Love!

Ways to show your dog love

Life can get hectic sometimes, and it's easy to (accidentally) not give your furry friend all the love, time and attention that they deserve. Don't worry - there are many ways to remind your dog that you love them and are there for them! These are a few of our favorites ways to show your dog love!

1. Include your dog in activities. Eat at dog friendly restaurants, take them on errands with you, or let them sit by you when you read or watch TV. Plus, if you exercise, you can bring your dog on runs or walks for some company! Incorporating your dog in your daily routine in whatever ways possible will make them feel loved.

2. Treat your dog to a pampering session. Dogs love to be pet and brushed. A quick brush out for you dog will leave them tangle-free, soft, smooth and relaxed. Other dogs love baths, so you take some time to scrub your pup clean using shampoo, conditioner, and face wash. You can even dress them up in a bathrobe to leave them feeling like the royalty they are!

3. Take your dog out for walks. If you have time to take your dog for a walk, even just a quick one, that will be great for them! Dogs love the fresh air, exploring new sights and smells, and stretching their legs. Check out these leashes, collars, and harnesses to make sure your dog is the coolest in the neighborhood! Of course, you can take your dog on hikes and other outdoor expeditions, just make sure they are well hydrated!

4. Spoil your pup with treats. Have you ever met a dog who doesn’t love treats? Us either. Try rewarding some good behavior or training with a tasty treat, or give them a treat just because they are the greatest! Make sure that your treats are high quality, so that your pup can get some nutrition while feeling loved. Check out the Treat of the Month for our favorite treat!

5. Take time out of your day to dedicate to play time. All dogs need play time, and it’s actually an important way (besides walks) to keep your dog active. You can play fetch, Frisbee, or chase them around the yard! Your dog will love to play with all different types of toys! There are hard toys and soft toys that you can pick from based on your pet’s preference! You can also use puzzle toys to keep them entertained throughout the day. Plus, some toys even help to clean your dog’s teeth!

6. Talk to your dog. Dogs can hear us talk to them in our “puppy talk” high-pitched voices. This noise lets them know that we are communicating to them. Use hand gestures, a special tone, and talk slowly to your dog!

7. Give your dog love and cuddles. If your dog loves hugs and cuddles, try to squeeze (no pun intended) them in whenever you can! Your pet will appreciate it! :)