Valentines Day with your dog

Valentines Day with your dog

JAN 27, 2021

5 Ways to show your dog some love this Valentine's day

February is just around the corner and we’re already sniffing the love in the air. Dogs are our world (literally), and you better believe we go all out on Valentine’s Day for our pups. This Valentine’s Day is a great time to acknowledge and show your love to the ones who mean the most to you (we guess humans are okay too)...but if there’s anyone who has stuck by our side through it all, it’s been our furry canine friends. That’s why our team has put together some ways to show your pooch some extra love this Valentine’s Day.

Give them a new treat!

Although dogs love routine, their taste buds always love a new flavor. Try giving them a new treat that they’ve never had before. Maybe it’s a new flavor like meatball or blueberry? One of those is sure to get their attention. And hey, maybe you can teach them a new trick along the way.

Take your dog for a walk

Get outside for a bit and explore a new place around town. Maybe it’s a new park or a walk in a different neighborhood. The change of scenery and smell will stimulate their mind, give them some exercise, and show them that there's more to this world than staring at you while you work from home. These new collars just went live on our site. Check them out and walk in style.

Double check your pet’s records

Okay this one isn’t as ‘fun’ as the others, but it shouldn’t be overlooked and your dog will thank you later. Routine check ups and staying on top of monthly medications help to keep your pup at their best. A few of us discovered a new app called PawPrint that helps you manage your pet’s medical records — you can also set medication reminders for things like heartworm medication or teeth brushings. As they always say, there’s an app for that!

Have a photoshoot

95% of the photos on our camera roll are of our pups - no, we aren’t embarrassed at all! Those new treats would work great to get that perfect shot of your sweetheart. Wherever you do your photoshoot just make sure to have fun. Oh and if you get a great shot, we’d love to see it. Tag us on instagram or facebook @muttropolis to be featured on our page or in our email!

Wash their bed and blankets

Don’t we all love the smell of fresh linen? We’d be willing to bet your pup does too (even though our dogs like to roll in poo). Give their bedding a wash and if you realize your pup needs better beauty sleep, check out our wide assortment of beds and blankets. Not sure which bed to choose? Take our bed quiz to find the perfect fit.