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Tips for Take Your Dog to Work Day

Take Your Dog to Work Day takes place the Friday after Father's Day - are you prepared?

Many studies have proven that having a dog reduces stress levels and makes people generally happier (we didn't need a study to know this, obviously!). Because we at Muttropolis are able to bring our dogs to work every day, we have experienced everything that comes with bringing your four-legged BFF to your office. We're here to share a few tips to get both you and your dog prepared for their big office reveal.

Take Your Dog to Work Day Necessities

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Preparing for the Big Day

After you've decided that you'll bring your dog to work, the first action of business is letting your co-workers know of your upcoming plans. It's important to let your co-workers know in case someone is allergic to animals or if someone is uncomfortable with the idea of having pets in the office.

Once your plans are confirmed, make sure to check out your office area and clear it of anything that could be hazardous to your dog(electrical cords, poisonous plants, cleaners). You'll also want to ensure that there is a green area nearby for your dog to use the restroom (no need for an accident on the carpet!).

The night before the big day, prepare a bag for your pup - include items that your dog loves, like their favorite treats, a toy that they can cuddle up with, a bed from home that gives them a sense of comfort and familiarity. Don't forget to bring poop bags, too!

Get your dog spiffed up for the big day by giving them a bath (your dog has to be fresh and clean for all the cuddles and pets they'll be getting from your co-workers!).

The Day Has Come!

Alas, the best day of the year has arrived, and you now get to bring your dog to work with you! Before heading to the office, feed them breakfast, attach their collar (with a tag) and leash, and be on your merry way.

When at the office, keep an eye on Bowser - they're going to want to sniff every nook and cranny of your office! Once they've settled down, allow your dog to snuggle up in their bed next to your desk and relax.