Cool Summer Treats Your Dog Will Love

Cool Summer Treats Your Dog Will Love

Cool Summer Treats Your Dog Will Love

The month of July means summer is in full swing! Have you found yourself craving an iced tea, a fruity sorbet or even ~gasp~ a forbidden bottle of ice-cold Coke?

Chances are, so has your pup. Keep reading for four cold dog treat recipes & even more tips on keeping your dog refreshed!

Stock & Herbs Frozen Treats


-1 stock cube of your preference (can be chicken, beef or veggie)

-450 ml of water

-A handful of either fresh rosemary, parsley or oregano


1. Dissolve stock cube in water

2. Chop herbs and add to dissolved stock

3. Freeze the mixture and wait until hardened

These treats are great for a super simple, super refreshing way to keep your dog hydrated. You can even add them to your dog’s water bowl to encourage more drinking. Pro tip: make sure your dog has access to cool water all day long with the Thirst Quencher Ice Cruncher dog dish.

Chilly Bones Frozen Dog Toy



-Plastic water bottle

-Shark Water Bottle Hiding Crusherz Toy


1. Fill the plastic bottle with water & freeze

2. Place the frozen water inside the toy!

This toy is especially made for hot summer days when your pup wants a refreshing sensation. Reusable and fun to play with.

Doggy Ice Cream


-1 ripe banana

-4 oz of plain Greek yogurt

-1 tablespoon of peanut, almond or cashew butter


1. Thoroughly mix, by hand or with a food processor and place into a container to freeze overnight

2. Serve a portion of the ice cream with a small scoop and watch it disappear into your pup's tummy!

You can experiment with different mix-ins like apples, berries or even meat. Make sure you don't give your dog too much of this ice cream even though they'll be begging for more!

The Frozen Fillable Everlasting Toy


- An Everlasting Groovy Dog Toy

-Fillings of your choice!


- Peanut butter (without xylitol)

- Yogurt

-Mashed banana

-Pureed apples

-Pureed carrots

-Baby food (make sure it has no onion or garlic)

-Canned dog food

-The Everlasting dog treat filling (sold at



1. Pick your favorite ingredient, fill the toy and freeze until solid.

This is one of the best ways to keep your dog entertained while they have a cool summer treat! Just pick your favorite ingredient, mash it up and freeze it inside the Everlasting Groovy Dog Toy!

Stay refreshed!

This summer, be sure to give your pet a chance to cool off with our bestselling pressure activated cool pet pad (shown below), cooling dog collar andcooling dog vest! Stay cool, stay fresh!