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Red, White & Fireworks!?

June 24, 2020

6 Tips to Keep your Pup Calm During 4th of July Fireworks

For humans, the firework displays might be a fun way to spend the evening, however, our four-legged friends often experience it very differently. In fact, more pets end up in shelters on 4th of July than any other day of the year because the sound scares them so much they try to run away from it.

To keep your beloved pet safe and calm during this 4th of July, here are some expert recommendations that can appease your dog’s fear.

Try to stay calm

Even if your dog is freaked out by the sound of fireworks, seeing you at ease might make them feel the same way. Dogs often follow your lead, so your reaction can be a cue to how they should act.

Stay home

If possible, try to be at home with your pet as their anxiety might get worse alone. It’s also recommended to keep them inside, where the noise is less intense and where they’re less likely to run away. Ideally, they should have their own space for the night, where they know they’re safe and can experience a peaceful night alone.

Entertain them

Give them something else to think about! Dogs don’t know fireworks won't harm them, and the loud noise suggests that they are in danger. Play white noise or calm classical music (there’s even music made specifically to calm dogs on YouTube). A good distraction might also come in the form of a toy, our Tux Dog Toy is made so you can hide treats inside it, they’ll be entertained for sure (and will have a treat by the end).

Help them feel at peace

93% of dogs are afraid of loud noises, definitely including fireworks. If you’ve observed how your dog deals with thunderstorms, you have a glimpse at how they’ll react with fireworks. We recommend The Anxious Pet and their truly incredible CBD product line that will certainly help your dog overcome fear and anxiety on, before and after 4th of July. Their calming soft chews (available in bacon & peanut butter flavor--yum!) are ideal for what would have been a very stressful night. Learn more about the options, dosage and why you should try hemp oil and veterinary grade CBD products to give your dog a happier and fuller life at theanxiouspet.com

Red, White & Fireworks!?


Give your pet the equivalent of a SoulCycle class and they’ll have deeper sleep, as their bodies recover from an extra long walk. Better sleep means they’ll be more relaxed and less prone to waking up when fireworks start to go off. A dog’s instinctual fight or flight reactions are less intense if they’re tired, so check out our Red, White & Blue shop, pick up a cute patriotic leash and off you go!

Under Pressure (pushing down on me)

Take a note from Queen and place your dog under (a bit of) pressure. The Thundershirt is made for your dog to feel like they’re bundled up by a cozy weighted blanket. It’s proven to reduce anxiety, slow their nervous breathing and have a calming effect on the nervous system.

Hopefully, there won’t be many triggers during daylight hours that may make your furry friend feel anxious. Take advantage of the nice sunny day outside and go for a nice long walk (pro tip: help Fido look extra cute with a bandana from our new collection)

  • Kimberly Topuzes

How to Keep Your Dog Cool During the Summer

How to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

School's out! Summer's here!

As the weather keeps warming up, there’s nothing like a walk on the beach with your pup. Coming up are some tips to beat the summer heat!

What to do?

Knowing how to cool down your dog is crucial for their happiness and safety in these coming hotter months.

Part of keeping your dog happy during the heat is making sure they have plenty of cool water to drink, making sure that dehydration is not an issue. A water bowl that keeps their water fresh throughout the day is crucial for drenching their thirst throughout the day.

Before a walk, it’s also important to check the pavement. It’s also recommended that you don’t take your dog for a walk during peak sun hours, where they’re likely to get sunburnt (yes, that’s a thing).

If possible, take a short stroll in the grass as dog’s paws can be very sensitive to heat, especially dark colored pavement. Before a walk, cool your dog off by dipping a cute bandana in water and wrapping the refreshing fabric around your buddy.

For those avid dog walkers, you know there’s nothing dogs like more than a dip into cold water after a long walk. The long-lasting rubber collar and leash will adapt to water, doesn’t get ruined and lets them feel dry as they keep walking.

Cool them Down

While the sunny days might be good for your tan, the heat might make your pet uncomfortable. Heat stroke is a very real thing in dogs, symptoms include heavy panting and refusing to get up, which could lead to much more serious problems.

The pressure activated cool pet pad is one of our bestsellers, and for a good reason. The weight of your dog is enough to make the pad cold and comfortable for hours, so they’re able to relax by the pool as much as you. Refrigeration, water and electricity-free, this lightweight pad is perfect for bringing it with you wherever you go. Don’t take our word for it, try it and we’re sure your pup is going to thank you for the relaxing sensation.

The Chilly Bones Dog Toy is another cooling product that will make your dog feel like they’re drinking a margarita in Cancun. Wet it, freeze it, and bring it out on a sunny day!

The importance of keeping our buddies cool in the coming hot months is not to be underestimated. For more options to keep your dog safe and fresh, visit our cool off shop and find all the essentials you need this summer.

  • Kimberly Topuzes

MUTT’S HAPPENING: How to “Sit.Stay.Home.” with Your Pets

With everything that's going on in the world during this time, we are all being asked to stay home. This is an adjustment for everyone, but we think it's fair to say all pets are AMPED to know their parents are staying home! We have a few tips on how to make the most out of your time at home with your pet.

  1. Take those walks! Going out for a walk is still allowed, and not only is it great for you to get out of the house, but it’s great for your pets too. You can both get a little exercise and some much-needed Vitamin D!
  2. Use this time at home as added quality time with your pet. Now is the time for you to snuggle up all day without any guilt!
  3. Give your pet a nice place to chill. Your pet isn’t going to be staring at you while you’re working all the time, so you might as well give them a comfy spot for them to take a nap! A nice bed or a cozy blanket is the perfect place for your four-legged BFF to hang while you’re working.
  4. Keep your pet entertained. Pets are like kids – they always have to be entertained! A great way to keep them entertained is with toys! Interactive toys like burrows and treat releasing toys will keep your pets’ brain stimulated and will be fun for you to watch, too!
  5. Treat your pet! In addition to extra kisses and cuddles, hook your pet up with some of their favorite treats! Whether it’s adding them into a toy, hiding them to make it a game, or just because, we’re all for it.


This is an interesting time for everyone, but we feel lucky to be able to spend this time with our favorite four-legged family members. Stay safe during this time!

Staying at Home Essentials

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  • Kimberly Topuzes

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