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MUTT’S HAPPENING: How to “Sit.Stay.Home.” with Your Pets

With everything that's going on in the world during this time, we are all being asked to stay home. This is an adjustment for everyone, but we think it's fair to say all pets are AMPED to know their parents are staying home! We have a few tips on how to make the most out of your time at home with your pet.

  1. Take those walks! Going out for a walk is still allowed, and not only is it great for you to get out of the house, but it’s great for your pets too. You can both get a little exercise and some much-needed Vitamin D!
  2. Use this time at home as added quality time with your pet. Now is the time for you to snuggle up all day without any guilt!
  3. Give your pet a nice place to chill. Your pet isn’t going to be staring at you while you’re working all the time, so you might as well give them a comfy spot for them to take a nap! A nice bed or a cozy blanket is the perfect place for your four-legged BFF to hang while you’re working.
  4. Keep your pet entertained. Pets are like kids – they always have to be entertained! A great way to keep them entertained is with toys! Interactive toys like burrows and treat releasing toys will keep your pets’ brain stimulated and will be fun for you to watch, too!
  5. Treat your pet! In addition to extra kisses and cuddles, hook your pet up with some of their favorite treats! Whether it’s adding them into a toy, hiding them to make it a game, or just because, we’re all for it.


This is an interesting time for everyone, but we feel lucky to be able to spend this time with our favorite four-legged family members. Stay safe during this time!

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  • Kimberly Topuzes

MUTT’S NEW: Our Buying Club Got a Makeover!

There's nothing better than earning rewards, right? Earn rewards and have fun while earning with our Buying Club!

With the new Muttropolis Buying Club, members are able to earn points faster in different ways besides purchases which gets you closer to rewards. The best part? Once you hit 500 points, you'll receive $25 off your next purchase!


It's easy to earn points when you're part of the Buying Club! Here's how to earn:

- Place an order (each $1 spent = 1 point)

- Leave a review (earn 25 points)

- Follow us on Instagram @muttropolis (earn 25 points)

- Social share (earn 25 points)

- Refer a friend (earn 25 points)

Another bonus? Enter your pup's birthday in your profile and you'll receive a special 20% off discount during their birthday month!


It's never been easier (or fun!) to earn points, so why wait? Sign up to be part of the Muttropolis Buying Club today!

  • Kimberly Topuzes

Ways to Spoil Your Four-Legged Valentine

Valentine's Day is upon us and you best believe we will be celebrating with your pets! In honor of this holiday, we've rounded up a few you can spoil your pup this Valentine's Day, or any day!

Snuggle Up: Give your pooch extra cuddles, hugs and kisses. Dogs want nothing more than to be snuggled up with their favorite person!

Take Them Out to Eat: Who said you can't have a date night with your pup? With more and more dog-friendly spots popping up, it's easy to find a place for you and your pup to go to. Whether it be a restaurant, coffee shop or brewery, treat you and your pup to some fun!

Go on an Adventure: Take your dog to a new spot that you both haven't explored, like a dog-friendly hike or a new dog park. This will be a fun time for you both to check out new things together!

Get Them a Valentine, of Course: Give your pup the Valentine's Day gift you know they'll love - a yummy treat or a squeaky toy!

  • Kimberly Topuzes

Join Us for Giving Tuesday

Join Us for Giving Tuesday

Join us in supporting the organizations that have filled so many lives with the love and loyalty of a best friend.

On Tuesday, December 3rd this year people all around the globe will be celebrating Giving Tuesday. It started in 2012 as an international day of charitable giving to kick off the start of the Christmas season and continues to grow each year. To celebrate, Muttropolis will be collecting donations through our Paws for a Cause charitable program for three San Diego organizations: San Diego Humane Society, Tragic to Magic Rescue and All Fur Love Rescue.

san diego humane society

San Diego Humane Society has been a partner of Muttropolis’ since they first opened their doors in 2002. As an open-admission shelter, San Diego Humane is creating a more humane world by inspiring compassion and advancing the welfare of animals and people. Their life-saving safety net has helped San Diego become the largest city in the United States to keep healthy and treatable animals from being euthanized.

tragic to magic
Tragic to Magic Rescue provides local outreach in Mexico to rescue dogs, cats and horses. Their team of animal advocates, veterinarians, volunteers and strategic partners rescue and treat as many animals as possible. Muttropolis hosts Tragic to Magic adoptions regularly at the Solana Beach and La Jolla locations.

all fur love
All Fur Love Rescue is a San Diego-based rescue organization that specializes in finding homes for hypo-allergenic dogs, bonded pairs and owner-relinquished dogs throughout California and Nevada. They also partner with other rescues and help provide medical care and basic needs for pets of low income families. We discovered this unique rescue through our friend, Cupcake, who can be seen on Instagram @cupcakes_chronicles


Please join us in giving back to these wonderful organizations who have brought so much love and joy to the families and pets they unite together. You can make a donation through the link below or at our Solana Beach or La Jolla locations on Tuesday, December 3, 2019.


  • Christine Castellani